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Complete Portfolio of Services

McKinney Asset Management, Inc. has extensive experience assisting endowments, foundations, charities, health care institutions and insurance companies in establishing and maintaining effective investment programs.Our services include:

  • Investment policy development
  • Asset allocation planning and modeling
  • Portfolio strategy and governance
  • Mutual fund search and selection
  • Investment performance measurement, evaluation and reporting

MAM investment solutions are focused on proper risk management in accordance with investment policy statements, risk tolerance parameters and investment objectives. 

Rollover Management

Deciding what to do with your retirement plan savings requires careful consideration of many factors. The decisions you make today regarding your retirement plan savings can make a significant difference in the amount of money you will have after you retire. We help our clients understand their options for their retirement plan savings, evaluate the tax consequences of each alternative and take the necessary steps to implement your decisions.

Retirement Planning

We can provide both short- and long-term retirement planning advice for clients seeking financial security after retirement. If retirement is still in the distant future, our retirement specialists will evaluate and assess all existing retirement accounts {pensions, 403bs, 401ks, IRAs (Traditional, Rollover, and Roth), SEP-IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Single 401ks, and annuities} and make recommendations for maximizing income from those accounts and others upon retirement. If retirement is approaching, we can provide strategies for accepting distribution to ensure a steady income stream during the retirement years.

Investment Management

We are available to help you implement a recently created investment plan, or manage an existing portfolio, with the intent of achieving your stated investment objectives. We try to focus on managing risk through the creation of an appropriately diversified portfolio, and using investments that match your personal risk tolerance.

Small Business Retirement Consulting

We offer a detailed review of the various types of retirement vehicles for small business owners, and conduct an analysis of your current enterprise to help determine an effective plan for your particular situation.

Wealth Management

We offer to our high net worth clients a sophisticated investment platform.  This investment strategy has an absolute total return philosophy that is either equity focused or fixed income focused.  Both strategies incorporate our most basic tenet in our investment philosophy, capital preservation. 

Tailored Investment Strategies

We offer tailored strategies specific to the client's investment objective and risk tolerance.  We offer value through our "fund selection" process in determining the fund managers that fit our criteria through performance analysis along with portfolio composition.  These strategies are also offered through our 401k clients as well.